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Shelley Burns Vocal Instruction
A certified
Speech Level Singing (Level 4 certified as of January, 2014) instructor.
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Information & Policies

The course I offer is intended to help you develop your vocal ability by building vocal cord coordination. By using Speech Level Singing techniques  students will increase range, flexibility, control, endurance, and improve their musical "ear" so that they may match pitches more accurately. I also cover issues of health as they relate to the care of the voice. The style of music which you wish to sing makes no difference.

I am a certified Speech Level Singing instructor, used by more than 120 Grammy winners and developed by legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs.

The Speech Level Method:

Speech Level Singing is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely and clearly anywhere in your range, with all your words clearly understood. Since you are not learning what to sing, but rather how to sing, you can apply this technique to any type of music. more >>>

Lessons are $150 per month, for four lessons (or $40 for a single lesson), and must be paid in advance. If there is a fifth scheduled lesson day in the month, there will be no lesson that day. If you do not come to your lesson, and do not call me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for that time. If you give me adequate notice (24 hours) I may be able to schedule another student in that time slot, or I can plan my day so that I don't have to sit idly expecting you. Make-up lessons are available only for those students who give me 24 hours notice.

If I, for some reason, miss an appointment, then I will, of course, offer a make-up lesson.

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"Thank you for all the amazing work you've done with me and my voice. Since learning from you I've gotten better reviews, gotten jobs I never could have landed, and more importantly, found my own voice. You are the best voice teacher I've ever known. Thank you Shelley."

I offer recitals (parties, actually:-) every six months, so that my students may have the opportunity to perform and to demonstrate their progress for their family, friends and other students. There is no charge for this, and all my students are welcome to perform if they wish to; no one is required to do this.

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Enrolled students may now pay their tuition using PayPal.

Shelley Burns started singing and dancing as a child with the Burns Sisters Quartet and continues as a featured vocalist in jazz and pop groups, radio and television commercials and recordings. Shelley teaches voice at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp where she has performed in concert with jazz greats, Abe Most and the late Gene Estes. Shelley participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival '96, with a theater troupe from California in a show called 'Jazzbirds,' and was a featured guest artist at the '96 International Jazz and Blues Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.
A 2006 reprise of Jazzbirds in VIDEO.
Shelley has recently produced her fourth album with her popular dance and show ensemble Avalon Swing. Her latest two recordings with jazz trios, receive airplay on jazz radio stations across the country. She performs at numerous jazz festivals, annually at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, and is a two-time nominee as best jazz musician for the Sacramento Music Award. Unique arrangements of jazz standards highlight her performances throughout the West with pianist Bob Fylling. "Compelling and imaginative" are the adjectives Bob Byler of Jazz Times uses to describe Shelley's vocal stylings. Peter Haugen, the theater critic for the Sacramento Bee, writes "Jazz singer Burns ... has a winning mastery of pop phrasing. She makes it sound easy."

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